Inspiring  justice for all

Our vision

Charleston School of Law Foundation champions inspired legal education to empower leaders to achieve justice for all.

Our mission

The foundation encourages and assists the study, teaching, promotion and research of the rule of law in Charleston, S.C. We seek to support, enhance and elevate the expected high level of student and faculty performance in the Charleston School of Law through scholarship programs, special projects, permanent housing, social advocacy, legal outreach and dedicated public service.

Our values

These five values are the bedrock of the Charleston School of Law Foundation:

  • Have high ethical standards.
  • Be financially responsible.
  • Serve as excellent stewards.
  • Embrace a respect for justice.
  • Continually perform community leadership.

The study of law by nature is a service industry. By financially supporting the student body and the school’s award-winning faculty, the foundation assists the law school to realize its mission in its public service, social advocacy, legal outreach and legal reform.  Therefore, the foundation is looking for ways to support good students to attend the school.

“We want to provide opportunities to qualified students who would like to attend Charleston School of Law,” Foundation Chair Sylvia Harvey said. “The Foundation’s top priority is providing as many scholarships as possible.”

Charleston School of Law Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax exempt to the extent provided by federal law.