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Why Choose Charleston Law

Jane Diange headshotJane Diange


"I knew I was on to something very special the first time I walked into the Charleston School of Law Admission Office and was so warmly welcomed. As a student, I have found the true value of and have benefitted greatly from the experience and knowledge of the faculty and staff. They make certain students are 'set up for success' from the very start -- whether through classroom instruction and assignments, critical skills training, campus student organizations, pro bono experiences or externships. Beyond their expertise, the spirit of the engagement is genuine, caring and supportive.

Charleston School of Law is an amazing school in an awesome city."

Undergraduate school: Pennsylvania State University

Fun fact: I have nine siblings, including 7 brothers; I have a Super Bowl ring.

Fred Davis headshot

John-Frederick "Fred" Davis


"The choice was clear for me. I knew law school would be challenging because of the complicated nature of the legal discipline. So, I wanted to attend an institution that provided an open-door policy between students and professors for individualized understanding of the law law and its procedures. The Charleston School of Law provided me with that crucial assistance in addition to access to one of the more remarkable cities in the world." 

Undergraduate school: Francis Marion University

Fun fact: You will likely find me entertaining friends and family on the beach or in the city. I am one of eight children, and I am at my best on a dance floor, basketball court or boat. 

Tasha Kotz headshotTasha Kotz


"I was looking for a law school that incorporated community outreach programs and opportunities to works hands-on. Charleston Law fit perfectly because of the Public Service and Pro Bono program. This program offers practical experience opportunities in over 130 different areas of the law. It allows me to interact with real clients and produce real solutions for them, which has been a huge affirmation that I chose not only the right profession but the right law school.

Furthermore, law students often lose perspective while in school, and the pro bono program reminds them why they came to law school. It is a great way to witness classroom lessons being applied to the real world and resulting in positive changes in people's lives."  

Undergraduate school: Grand Valley State University

Fun fact: I enjoy volunteering with animals and jumping out of airplanes.

Chris Jacob


“I enjoy how close and connected the entire Charleston School of Law community is. It’s a great feeling to go to a law school and not only receive a quality legal education but also feel as though I’m not just another ‘number.’ Charleston Law has prepared me to be a working professional in all aspects of life, and I will forever hold dearly the relationships and connection I’ve made here.”

Undergraduate school: Clemson University

Fun fact: I am a descendant of two nationalities: half-Korean, half-Indian. My mother is from Seoul, Korea and my father is from Quwait, India. 

About Charleston Law:

  • Our professors are ranked #10 on The Princeton Review list of Best Professors in the nation

  • Located in the #1 city in the U.S. according to Condé Nast Traveler

  • Five-time National Tax Moot Court Champions

  • Emphasis on public service - students required to perform 30 hours of pro bono serivce 

  • Opportunities for real-world experience - access to over 100 externship sites

  • Plans for an exciting future led by a new president, Ed Bell

    • Adding a robust clinics program
    • Establishing a Court of General Jurisdiction
    • Building a new, state-of-the-art facility
    • Converting the school to a nonprofit model

Come experience the difference!