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2/7/14: Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson speaks at the Professionalism Series

Release Date: 2/7/2014

The Charleston Music Hall was full of students as Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson spoke of the “Lessons Learned in Dealing with the Media” at the Professionalism Series on Thursday, Feb. 6.

Wilson’s numerous first-hand experiences shed light on what students can do so they are not at the mercy of the media.  

“The media can be your friend, but you have to be extremely careful and proactive and help them see your point of view on any given issue,” said Solicitor Wilson.

She discussed how media can shape public opinion using information from press releases and publishing editorials. She also touched on how comments online can shape a specific case. Wilson encouraged students to cultivate healthy relationships with not only the media, but also with law enforcement to build mutual respect. “Plant the seed when there isn’t a crisis,” she said.  

Daniel Cooper introduces Solicitor Wilson

Solicitor Wilson's presentation was really powerful because she encouraged us to look at the media in a different perspective,” said Daniel Cooper, student bar association president. “She showed us that the media isn't something to be afraid of.”

“We are honored to have Scarlett A. Wilson, the Ninth Circuit Solicitor lecture on campus as part of our Professionalism Series,” said Abby Edwards Saunders, associate dean of students. “She exudes professionalism in everything that she does and she is a wonderful role model and mentor for our students.”

Scarlett A. Wilson is a native of South Carolina, and graduated from Clemson University and the University of South Carolina School of Law. In January 2001, Wilson served as Chief Deputy Solicitor for the Ninth Circuit Solicitor's Office under Honorable Ralph E. Hoisington. Continuing Solicitor Hoisington’s legacy, Governor Mark Sanford appointed her Solicitor for the Ninth Judicial Circuit. Wilson became the first woman to hold the office of Solicitor for the Ninth Judicial Circuit. She was a joint winner of the 1997 Department of Justice Director's Award for Superior Performance by an Assistant United States Attorney.

The Charleston School of Law established the Professionalism Series to build upon the values and ideals taught in the classroom as they attribute to the role of professionalism in the field of law. Guest speakers represent a wide range of well-respected judges and practicing attorneys that cover various topics such as: legal ethics, professional judgment, the practice of law, diversity, communication skills and networking. Practitioners and judges are welcome to attend any of the lectures in the series.

To meet the professionalism education requirement, both full and part-time students must attend lectures and meet the graduation requirements detailed here.

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Written and photographed by: Kat Drerup