Law reviews and journals announce new executive boards

APRIL 20, 2018 – The Charleston School of Law’s three law reviews/journals have each announced their new executive boards for the 2018-2019 school year.

Charleston Law Review

Law Review logo

The Charleston Law Review is an independent organization composed entirely of second and third-year students at the Charleston School of Law. Its primary objective is to foster the knowledge and insight of students, practitioners, scholars, and the judiciary through a traditional forum dedicated to augmenting the pursuit of innovative legal expression, composition, and scholarship. Members of the Charleston Law Review contribute to this objective by editing articles, writing notes, and actively participating in all aspects of the publication process. This participation enables members of the Charleston Law Review to develop invaluable analytical skills and receive extensive writing and editing experience.

Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Domanico
Associate Editor-in-Chief: Allison Studdard
Senior Articles Editor: Katie Brunson
Managing Editor: Tiffany Palmer
Senior Research Editor: Logan Holmes
Student Works Editor: Lauren Mazur
Symposium Editor: Orion Ray


malabu logo

MALABU is Charleston School of Law’s Maritime Law Bulletin. With the historic port city of Charleston as a backdrop, MALABU brings timely and useful maritime-focused articles to practicing attorneys, law professors, students, and those in the maritime field. MALABU is run by a board of law students, and faculty advisors with special interests in admiralty, with generous support from the Charleston Maritime Association.

Editors-in-Chief: Vincent Joseph and Mikaila Matt
Case-in-Brief’s Editor: JD McKee

Resolved: Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resolved: Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution operates under Charleston School of Law’s Center for Dispute Resolution. Resolved publishes articles focused on the practical issues facing mediators, arbitrators, attorneys, and human resources professionals engaged in the implementation and supervision of dispute resolution programs and is one of only two law journals in the Southeast dedicated to these issues. Resolved’s main objective is to promote research and writing in the areas of dispute resolution theory, skills, techniques and application.

Editor-in-Chief: Bryant T. Cannon
Associate Editor-In-Chief: Mikaila Matt
Managing Editor: Melanie Rumfelt
Student Works Editor: Ivey Franklin