Externship Profile: Coastal Carolina University

The opportunity to go back and work at her alma mater, and an interest in becoming a college professor drove Meredith B. Canady, 3L, to participate in a summer externship with Coastal Carolina University in Conway, S.C.

“The idea of finishing up my career as a college professor, after practicing law, is very appealing to me. The opportunity to extern with the general counsel of Coastal Carolina University allows me to see the inner-workings of a higher-education institution, and to gain experience in the field,” said Canady. “The people have made the experience enjoyable and quite fun. However, the best part of this externship is coming back to my undergraduate institution and working. There is a sense of pride that comes with using what I learned in my years at Coastal Carolina University and my time at Charleston Law for the betterment of the University.”

The main focus of Canady’s externship is compliance matters and spans from the University as a public entity to each individual department and their specific regulations. The Freedom of Information Act is another aspect of the law that is referenced on a daily basis. “Learning the law, the exemptions, and the manner in which to disclose the documents has been something that will no doubt come up again in my future,” said Canady.

At the University she gets the opportunity to work with the faculty and staff, local media, parents of the students, university volunteers as well as the general public. Additionally, she works with offices that are not directly related to the law. “I have had the chance to work in conjunction with the University’s Public Relations and Media Specialist, the President of the University and others who are outside of the realm of what I anticipated. University Counsel does more than I ever imagined and the skills and experiences which I am gathering are invaluable,” said Canady.

Her Charleston Law education has been a nice foundation for these experiences and skills to build upon. “I have applied my law school education on a daily basis, but this externship is teaching me quite a bit as well. I learn something new every day that supplements what I have learned at the School of Law,” said Canady.

Flexibility is a trait that she recommends for students interested in externing with the Coastal Carolina University. “Come into this externship with an open mind. Your tasks change daily and a single email can change your day, but it is exciting and you will learn more than you thought possible,” said Canady.

Canady is a native of Conway, S.C. and graduated from Coastal Carolina University before enrolling at the Charleston School of Law.

Charleston School of Law’s externship program allows students to gain practical work experience while earning course credit. Students complement their classroom studies by working under the direct supervision of members of the judiciary or attorneys in the public sector. This summer, Charleston School of Law students are at 35 exciting externships sites helping the community. Since fall 2006, Charleston School of Law students have completed approximately 82, 114 externship hours. The externship course is offered during the fall, spring and summer terms. For more information please contact Professor James Klein or Autumn Jones.

Story by: Alexis Economy